Lorena Clara Maria Stadelmann is a Swiss and Guatemalan artist. She studied contemporary dance, drama and cinematographic interpretation in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from 2015 to 2018.

As a performer, Stadelmann works with her body as an entity. A body that moves, a body that talks, thinks and sings. Fascinated by human bodies and everything around them, Stadelmann’s first interest lies in the audience she has in front of her. An audience of human beings, whose body works just like hers.

In order to carry them away, she bases her work on the human brain and body. Different vibrations and frequencies flow through our bodies constantly. Stadelmann ambitiously tries to share her own vibrations and, this way, touch the audience’s sensibility and spirit. She then layers this with acting and storytelling, taking place in different universes. 

Stadelmann works as well with music and videos in her performances or in other projects. 

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