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Lorena Stadelmann (1995) aka Baby Volcano is a swiss and guatemalan  artist. She works in the fields of performing arts, music and costume design. 

Her work evolves in a mysterious organic world inspired by the Volcanoes (specially the submarine ones), the human body and nature.  

As Baby Volcano, she released her first EP "Síndrome Premenstrual" in September 2021. 

After living and studying several years in Buenos Aires, Argentina, she created her own production company in Switzerland in 2019. 

She is living now in a small village in the countryside of Switzerland where she currently develops her own work. 

She is associated artist at l'Abri Genève for the year 21/22 and also at le Théâtre Sévelin 36, Lausanne for the year 22/23. 

18_211120_MD_LORENA_ 027.jpg

Foto: Maja Daniels

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